Saturday, 14 July 2012

Ayurvedic Tips For Normal Pregnancy

Through the whole time of the nine months of pregnancy the varied familiarity are to in the mind of the expectant mother. Nevertheless, the foremost point could approve the most trying. Almost every woman will be desire on a normal delivery of their baby. 

 Try to avoid the surgery. Almost in some other cases, women could indulge to simple pregnancy information for the normal delivery. Pregnancy women if they desire for normal delivery then the preparing process starts before some months. 
  • Walking is the best exercise for the normal delivery. You want to walk for long as you feel the foremost sign of labor. Thus, physician instructs you to walk through out the labor pain
  • From the seventh month onwards you need to intake the milk along with the garlic paste and you need to boil the garlic paste into the milk and then intake it
  • From the ninth months onwards intake the roasted anise seed and anise seed water for the normal delivery and also consume boil roasted anise in water and consume it
  • You must to intake pomegranate juice every day because it regenerates the blood cells of both the baby and the mother and the baby will have the fair structure
  • Always take bath using the warm water, during the period of pregnancy, before going to sleep. This habit will definitely relax you body and you keep you away from all types of stress and strains
  • For the normal delivery pain you need to consume spoon full of honey and also make the blend of cumin powder and stretch it along the your stomach (this resembles the main ayurvedic information)
  • For fine looking lactation subsequently to the delivery consume fenugreek – ¼ tsp, ½ cup of raw rice, six garlic pieces. Boil all the ingredients neatly and smash it. Intake needed amount of water. This must be in practice from the seventh month onwards

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